30 Logos Challenge

For thirty days, I was emailed a brief on a logo for a fictitious company. Certain want and needs were laid out in each email, and it was left up to my design skills and dedication to complete each logo. Here is the results of that challenge.

Day 01

Creating offices for startup companies around the world.

Day 02

A coffee shop using natural and local products.

Day 03

Logo for an email marketing platform.

Day 04

Chat platform for businesses and small teams.

Day 05

A non-profit organization that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals.

Day 06

Online flower shop which sells bouquets of flowers and gifts.

Day 07

Charitable event for autism research and raises money for families in need of care, education, and information.

Day 08

Video game news website.

Day 09

Mobile app that allows you to take a photo of anything and it will automatically pull up the correct paint color.

Day 10

Clothing line for the nautical lovers.

Day 11

A candy shop in the UK called Sweets.

Day 12

An upcoming security system for tech companies.

Day 13

JJ Pizza has been serving the Chicago area with the very best pizza since 2002.

Day 14

A growing online bookstore.

Day 15

New online subscription service focused on dog food, toys, and medicine delivery.

Day 16

Sharp has been creating high quality cooking knives for over a decade.

Day 17

An online form generator where users can generate and interact with any kind of form.

Day 18

A sushi bar in downtown Los Angelas and looking for a fresh logo!

Day 19

The Hampton Cove area is known for it's mountains, so we'd love to incorporate some mountain(s) in the logo somehow.

Day 20

An online system that helps freelancers manage their invoices, time, projects, client communication, etc.

Day 21

An ice cream shop with stores across the United States.

Day 22

As a designer, do you have your own personal logo? If not, design your own at this point.

Day 23

An online music community focused on EDM, Drum & Bass, House, Dubstep, etc. type of music.

Day 24

An upcoming app for smart grocery shopping.

Day 25

The Wenatchee National Forest is home to beautiful mountains, water, and hiking trails.

Day 26

My Wine is a new online service that delivers premium wine to your doorstep.

Day 27

We work directly with the National Football League and get real-time health data from the athletes during games and practices.

Day 28

Fashionista is a women's fashion app that pairs your current wardrobe with amazing deals at local stores around you.

Day 29

FILM is a non-profit supporting film students with scholarships, free trips, etc. to reach their career goals.

Day 30

For this final challenge, I'd like you to redesign a logo of your choice.