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Who I am

Jaren Barlocker

Jaren Barlocker

   I am a student of magic, website and graphic design, and I know each one to be a uniqe way to express myslef. I work my hardest to make an impact in every area of my work while having fun! Click here for my website portfolio. And if you want a demo of some of my magic click here!

The Blog

Beginning next month (February 2018) I will be releasing a bi-weekly blog talking about magic theory, life lessons and whatever else I wish to babble on about. Follow me on Instagram to be the first to hear about any advances in this project.


My Magic

I have been doing magic for more than 16 years. Coin magic, card magic, mentalism, I can do it all. Soon my YouTube will be updated soon with better produced content and the start of a magic theory series.

My brain is the key that sets me free

- Harry Houdini