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Jaren Barlocker

Jaren Barlocker

   I am a student of magic, website and graphic design, and I know each one to be a unique way to express myself. I work my hardest to make an impact in every area of my life. This website will serve as a portfolio for my projects in magic, poetry, as well as my graphic and web design. All of my content will be on this site, but for a more up to date look at my magic specifically follow my Instagram and YouTube accounts. I will also give updates on my site through those platforms.




I have been casually writing poetry for around 8 years, and have been told by many to share my writings. In an attempt to get my poems out there, I plan on releasing them at my own pace in my own way - right here.


The Blog

Magic theory, life lessons, and many more things are to come with this project. I will be doing monthly posts that can be seen here on my blog. Follow me on Instagram to be the first to hear about any updates and new posts.




My Magic

I have been a student of magic for over 15 years, studying the arts of card magic, coin magic, and mentalism. If you have made it this far down the page, you'll know that my Instagram and YouTube pages are the best ways to see my magic at the moment.

Stay tuned for more updates right here! There are some exciting things to come, starting with this.