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Jaren Barlocker

Jaren Barlocker

I am a student of website design and magic, and I know each to be an artform. I work my hardest to make an impact in each area of my work while having fun! Click here for my website portfolio. And if you want a demo of some of my magic click here!

The WebDesigner

I have been designing websites for about 7 years, taking classes where I can, but mostly teaching myself how to code. I am proficient in HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3), as well as jQuery and Javacript; I also use a little PHP in my websites (mostly for the 'include' statement).

I keep all of my coding up to date by using the latest standards, and keep things looking clean with simple and modern designs.

My Website Portfolio

The Magician

Magic has been my favorite hobby since I can remember. I've studied most all kinds of magic from cards and coins to mentalism and fire eating!

Whether you are looking for an entertainer to attend your next business party or wanting to spice up a regular get together, shoot me a message at my contact page and we can get things moving!

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My brain is the key that sets my mind free

- Harry Houdini

The End.


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