Jaren and his family

Jaren Barlocker

   A student of magic, website and graphic design, I know each one to be a uniqe way to express myslef. I do my best to make an impact in every area of my work using any creative outlet.

I am actively pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Website Design & Development from BYU Idaho, through their online courses. My emphasis is Website Design, but I am not limiting myself to just that. I have been creating websites and computer graphics since I started highschool and thoroughly enjoy both.

For examples of my graphic and website work, visit my Portfolio. To see demonstrations of my magic and sleight of hand, you can click here!


From websites to logos, I have been applying myself to many areas of graphic and web design to broaden my knowledge and allow my skills to grow. I am passionate about creating finnished products that will push boundaries and please all those involved.

For any inquiries about my projects or if you are in need of custom work, send me a message here. I would be more than happy to work with you and help create an amazing product!


Sleight of hand has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have studied many ares of the art including card magic, coin magic, and mentalism. While I have mostly focused on creating and performing card magic, my close up shows contain a variety of different experiences.

To see my latest work in magic, visit my Instagram page or visit my magic page here on this site.