What Can I Do?

Here are some examples of my magic! I do a variety of different tricks in many different forms. Most of my magic is meant for a close-up audience, but I have done some stage acts. If you are interested in having me perform, shoot me an message over at my contact page.
(For more examples of my magical abilites, take a look at my Instagram page too)

Card Magic

I have been perfroming and creating card magic ever since I started practicing. I have recently began to study card table deceptions and gambling demonstrations which has only broadened my understanding of sleight of hand.


Pure sleight of hand. After I discovered the magic of playing cards, I moved on and began to learn the art of coin magic. There is so much to do with them and they become mesmerizing as they vanish and appear.

Fire Eating

This is not a game. It's not a camera trick. This is dangerous! Fire eating has been a form of entertainment for hundreds of years. There is no other stunt quite like it. The danger along with the trance of the dancing flames make this stunt mesmerizing! But seriously though...DO NOT try this at home.

Gaff Cards

Gaffed cards allow the magician or card cheat to achieve new and impossible feats! Soon I will be releasing quality and creative gaff cards. Check back soon to see what I have to offer!

The End.


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