Magic For Life


    Magic has different meanings for people all around us. Many people think of magic tricks, some think witchcraft and black magic, and others belive in miracles. Now I'm not saying miracles as in "Ooh, you made that coin dissapear!", no...I mean the miracles of everyday life. When you wake up in the morning, when you have time to relax, when a kind person does a good deed for you, even just a chance to smile once each day, those are the kind of miracles I am talking about.

    I have always thrived off of the idea that doing one good thing for someone each day will make their day a little better. But I do have to admit, it can make you happier doing something for them then it is to recive. The things you do for others don't have to be that big. The smallest but most impactful act of service I have found is to smile. That's why I have been using this hashtag #MagicIsWhatIDo, not just beacuse I can do fancy tricks, but because I hope that something that I do each day makes someone smile.

    I would encourage you to make that a goal, even if it is just for one day a week, to make someone smile. Even if you're having a bad day, if you take the two seconds to smile at someone or do something small for them you will see the power in that tiny moment.


The End.


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