"Hello, I'm the Magician Bree"

    Two years ago, I went to an event for the "Now I Can Foundation" just to be a helping hand. I didn't expect to be doing any magic let alone see any sleight of hand. For those of you that don't know, the Now I Can Foundation helped kids out who have Cerebral Palsy. These kids have little to no strength in their legs and arms, among other physical/muscular limitations. This foundation helps those kids "Reach their greatest potential" through professional therapy.

    During this event there was a talent show. Some of the kids sang amazingly, others did awesome dance moves, but one talent in particular blew me away. It started out with an automated voice coming from an iPad, "I'm the magician Bree". This little girl couldn't even talk, she had to crawl to the front of the group, but she had a love for magic that allowed her to overcome all her physical limitations and do what she loved. Her whole show was made up of the automated voice, followed by her performing magic tricks over and over, it was incredible to watch. I wasn't watching with the mindset of "oh, she is handicapped and so it's cool she can do this" it was more "I didn't even realize she had those limitations because of her performance". Her drive to do magic was real! Her ability to preform was real! Bree has more guts than I ever will.

    It takes a lot for some people to perform complicated tricks. Tricks that require precision, moves that take practice can be nerve racking. But the Magician Bree reminded me that it's not about what you can't do but about how you do it. There were a couple of things that she did that I would think twice before doing. But she did it. She pulled off some of the best magic I have seen in a while.

    The Magician Bree kind of put me in my place, reminded me that nothing is impossible. If you put your heart into it, and you do it for other people - even to get a little smile - you'll get to where you want to be. The skill level you want to acquire is always in your reach. Bree wasn't the most technical magician I've ever seen, but she performed with her heart, and you could see it! She made the kind of magic you both see and feel, just by simply sharing.

    If you love magic, go perform. Forget about yourself and what you can't do, because sometimes the only thing you can do is try. If you do that, nothing can stand in your way!

Thanks for your time.
    - Jaren Barlocker